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The purpose of translation is to convey the same meaning of a text from one language to another. To do this, it is not enough to simply translate the text. It is especially important to determine the type of text, its style, and the target audience. Of course, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the rules and subtleties of both English and Lithuanian.

I translate
marketing, business, technical, academic, literature texts.

I use one of the best translation programs –
SDL Trados Studio, so I can translate texts in various formats, use the termbases you provide and perform high-quality translations faster.

english to lithuanian translation services editing postediting proofreading


Localization is the process by which a text is not only translated into another language but also adapted to the specific country, the people that live there, and the audience for which the text is intended, taking into account cultural nuances and linguistic requirements.

Localization is a slightly broader field than translation. Localization takes into account cultural nuances, expressions, local market issues and thus produces a text that gives the impression that it was initially written in the target language and not translated. I am able to adapt to the culture of the target audience, I know its needs and specific features that make the text unique and attractive to it.

english to lithuanian translation services editing postediting proofreading


Editing is a process of checking the text for any language mistakes  (punctuation, spelling, etc.) and making sure that the style is in accordance with the type of text. Sometimes a single language error or a word that is not selected carefully can be enough for the text to become incorrect. That is why it is necessary to edit the texts.

I have a rigorous eye for detail and a strict quality control process. Leave the editing to me.

I also offer bilingual revision and compare source and target language to make sure the translation is error-free, and the meaning is true to the original text.

english to lithuanian translation services editing postediting proofreading


Post-editing is the editing of machine (automated) translation.

Obviously, technology touched the field of translation as well. Recently, machine translation has become increasingly common, which helps to increase efficiency and reduce costs of translation. However, technology is not yet advanced enough to replace the quality of the human-translated text.

I can edit your text translated by Google, Bing, Microsoft, Tilde, and other machine translation providers.

Project process

anglu lietuviu tekstu vertimo paslaugos

Please send me the source text by email together with your deadline, text type, subject area, and terminology requirements. For marketing texts, I need a detailed brief (ideally, the same briefing you would send to your copywriter.) I also need information about your target audience.

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I will analyze the source text thoroughly, taking into account all project-related particularities and I will provide you with a quote, along with payment and delivery terms. The offer always is valid for a limited time. The delivery date stated in the quote only applies if you place the order by the specified deadline.

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If you agree, please send me your binding project confirmation by email, and I will start working on your project accordingly. Should you cancel from this point onwards, I will still require the payment for the work that is aleady done.

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After completing the translation, I will carry out an extensive quality assurance process. This includes revision and different quality checks with specialized tools.

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Your finished translation will be delivered on time by email. Please confirm receipt once you receive the translation and check that all the agreed specifications have been met.

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I will usually send the invoice together with the finished project. For regular customers, invoices are issued every month. The due date is written on the invoice.

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